Saturdays Meditation

Saturdays Meditation: World Peace USA Program

a) Background and Reasons
All human beings desire individual and family happiness. We all want to live in a happy and peaceful world where there is harmony. It is now well known that meditation can result in true happiness. More people have realized and recognized the importance of learning how to meditate which will bring happiness. There have been many groups and organizations including Buddhist temples that offer meditation classes. However, there are also people who hesitate to participate in the meditation classes with the fear of being converted to Buddhism. Additionally, there are few barriers such as language being used in teaching and method of advertisement that prevented people from attending.
World Peace USA started by a group of meditators from Seattle and Oregon Meditation Centers who have found happiness and success as well as people who encountered life-changing experience from meditation process. Additionally, there are people who join us because they have strong desire to share their experiences and happiness as well. These are men who ordained as Buddhist monks before, Yoga instructors, business people, educators, students, homemakers and people from different walks of life.
Therefore our group has decided that we will be the instrument who will reach out to people around us, introduced them to basic meditation without being converted to Buddhism. We will be sharing the fundamentals of meditation and they can proceed to advance classes at the center if they desire to learn more.
During the session, we will include Stretching and Yoga exercise, learning about the benefits of meditation, learning how one can apply meditation in their daily life, actual meditation practice, group discussion and sharing of experiences at the end.

1.Invite people to join and attend meditation classes in order to achieve peace within and true happiness
2.Provide opportunity for people who seek more advanced classes to learn from monks in Seattle or Oregon who have many years of meditation as their way of life
3.Those who attended and participated in the beginning classes will have the opportunity to share to others their good experiences and invite them to attend the classes that we offer.
4.When meditators feel that they are confident and comfortable, they can form their own group. They can use our curriculum and share their good experiences with them
Who can participate?

Your spouse, children, relatives, customers, friends, classmates, roommates, coworkers, church members and people who want happiness in life.

Topics for learning and sharing – 8 weeks

1.Benefits of Meditation
6.Common Practice of human beings
7.How to apply meditation to daily life, family, and community
8.How to share and contribute learning meditation to community

b) Our first World Peace Program will begin on Saturday, April 15, 2017, at 1 pm – 2:45 p.m at Seattle Meditation Center 21910 44th Avenue West Mountlake Terrace, WA. 98043.

We like to invite everyone to join us as well as bringing at least one friend with you.

Please RSVP to or call 425-210-0102.

We will be delighted to see you all there on Saturday. Refreshment will be served at the end.

Thank you and see you all on Saturday

World Peace USA Committee

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