The Background of Seattle Meditation Center

The Seattle MeditationCenter, a branch of The Dhammakaya Foundation, was founded November 15, 1998. It was with the brilliant vision of the great master monk and president of Dhammakaya Foundation, Luang Phaw Dhammajayo to broaden the teaching of Dhammakaya to anyone regardless of their gender or race throughout the world.

The Dhammakaya Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization with a vision to expand the teaching of Dhammakaya and reach out to those who live abroad. With the availability of satellite communication systems and the Internet in the 21st century, it enabled a quick, efficient, and simple way to expand the study of Buddhism to people in different continents. This project was launched in the small town of Azusa in California in 1992 and transformed into the first center called Dhammakaya International Mediation Center. Then followed by a Dhammakaya meditation center in New Jersey. Next was in Chicago, Illinois; followed by one in Seattle, Washington, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Once the Dhammakaya meditation centers were established, the project expanded at a steady pace with full support from Luang Phaw Dhammajayo and Luang Phaw Dattajivo and their fellow monks. There currently exists at least one meditation center in every state and the Seattle Meditation Center was one of those centers and now located at 21910 44th Avenue West, Mountlake Terrace, Washington 98043.

Nowadays, people travel from all around Seattle and nearby area come to celebrate, meditate, learn dharma, and participate in religious ceremonies every day.

More information, please call: 425-608 0096, 206-979-2403, 206-658-3092 and, 206-529-7315. Thank you very much!


There are some of our Centers in the United States:

Seattle Meditation Center (S.M.C.)
21910 44th Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043, USA
Email: seattle072@yahoo.com
Fax: +(1)-425-608-0096
GPS: N47° 47.993 W122° 17.596

Dhammakaya International Meditation Center (D.I.M.C.)
P.O.Box 1036, 865 E. Monrovia Pl., Azusa, CA 91702, USA
Email: dimc.info@gmail.com
Fax: +(1)-626-334-0702
GPS: N34° 8.445 W117° 53.559

Dhammakaya Meditation Center Boston
65 Roberts Street, Quincy MA 02169, USA
Email: bostonmeditation@gmail.com
Fax: +(1)-617-479-0674
GPS: N42° 14.395 W71° 00.833

Dhammakaya Meditation Center of Palm Beach                                                                            15684 87th Trail N. Palm Beach Gardens. FL 33418
Email: palmbeach072@gmail.com

Meditation Center of Chicago (M.C.C.)
6224 W. Gunnison St. Chicago, IL 60630, USA
Email: mcc_072@yahoo.com
Fax: +(1)-773-763-7897
GPS: N41° 58.123 W87° 47.025

Florida Meditation Center (F.M.C.)
1303 N. Gordon St., Plant City, FL 33563, USA
Email: floridameditation@hotmail.com,
Fax: + (1)-813-283-0050
GPS: N28° 1.643 W82° 6.926

Georgia Meditation Center (G.M.C.)
4522 Tilly Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA 30360, USA
Email: gmc072@yahoo.com
Fax: +(1)-770-452-1111
GPS: N33° 55.669 W84° 17.013

Minnesota Meditation Center (M.M.C.)
242 Northdale Blvd. NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55448, USA
Email: mmc_072@ yahoo.com
GPS: N45° 10.442 W93° 16.457

Dhammakaya International Meditation Center Kansas
1650 S water st., Wichita, Kansas 67213, USA
Abbot: พระใบฎีกากิตติ กิตฺติโก
Email: kittigo@gmail.com
GPS: N37° 39.819 W97° 20.340

Dhammakaya International Meditation Center of New Jersey (D.I.M.C.N.J)
257 Midway Ave., Fanwood, NJ 07023, USA
Email: dimc_nj@yahoo.com
Fax: +(1)-908-322-1397
GPS: N40° 38.700 W74° 23.463

Oregon Meditation Center (O.M.C.)
1244 NE. Cesar E.Chavez Blvd., Portland, OR 97232, USA
Abbot: พระครูปลัดพันธุ์นิติ นิติพนฺโธ
Email: omc072@yahoo.com
GPS: N45° 31.124 W122° 31.637

Meditation Center of Texas (M.C.T.X.)
1011 Thannisch Dr., Arlington, TX 76011, USA
Email: meditationtexas@gmail.com
Fax: +(1)-817-275-7700
GPS: N32° 45.053 W97° 06.166

14.วัดพระธรรมกาย ดี.ซี.
Meditation Center of D.C. (M.D.C.)
3325 Franconia Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310, USA
Email: mdc072@yahoo.com, mdc072@meditationdc.org
Fax: +(1)-703-329-0062
GPS: N38° 47.549 W77° 5.352

Dhammakaya Meditation Center Tennessee
2033 Ghee Rd., Murfreesboro, TN 37127, USA
Abbot: พระวุฒิพงศ์ วุฑฺฒิวํโส
Email: dimctn@hotmail.com
+ (1)-615-624-6816
+ (1)-615-939-7743
Facebook: dmctn072
GPS: N35° 48.155 W86° 19.312

Dhammakaya Meditation Center Silicon Valley
280 Llagas Rd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037-3010, USA
Email: dmc_sv@outlook.com
+ (1)-408-779-4270
GPS: N37° 08.340 W121° 39.984

Dhammakaya International Meditation Center Denver
11052 East Ohio Place, Aurora, Colorado 80012, USA
Abbot: พระประเวศน์ วราสโย
Email: dmcdenver072@gmail.com
+ (1)-303-357-1481
GPS: N39° 42.099 W104° 51.539

18. etec.,

More our Worldwide Coordination centers, please check out our website below: here.http://www.dhammakaya.net/modules/centers/worldwide-centers?country=us

Dhammakaya Temple and Dhammakaya Foundation have set up local Coordination centers both in Thailand and abroad. Each center is staffed by qualified teachers of meditation from the Dhammakaya Foundation headquarters in Thailand and offers a range of activities for training for all ages.

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